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Gloss PVC UV Laminate 3 Mil 43 Inches x 150 Feet
Starline Gloss PVC UV Laminate 3 Mil 43 Inches x 150 Feet

Gloss PVC UV Laminate 3 Mil 43 Inches x 150 Feet

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Starline Gloss PVC UV Laminate 3 Mil 43 Inches x 150 Feet
Part #: PSLG-43150
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Gloss PVC 3-Mil UV 43 inches x 150 feet
Optically Clear to enhance image color

Product Name = Gloss PVC 3 mil UV

Product Description = PVC film/ Acrylic copolymer/ Siliconized paper

Face Material =
Calendared Monomeric Polyvinyl chloride
Thickness                                                                   0.08mm±0.005mm (80mic) 3.2 mil
Weight (gsm)                                                             105gsm ± 5%
Gloss Level (method: ASTM D-523 - 60°)               100
Adhesive = Clear acrylic type

pH-value approx.                                                            7.0
Coating thickness                                                           0.022mm (22mic) .9 mil ± 5%
180° Peel Adhesion (kg/inch) (method: PSTC-1)          >1kg/inch
0° Shear strength (hr/inch) (method: PSTC-7)               >54hrs/inch
Weight (gsm)                                                                  105gsm ± 5%

Release Liner  =  White Siliconized paper

Heat Resistance Temperature range =  +5° C to 80° C / 40° F to 174° F

Storage conditions  = 18° C to 25° C / 64° F to 77° F; 50-65% relative humidity

Durability = Up to 3 years, vertical exposure outdoors

Shelf life =  1 year in storage conditions

Monomeric PVC laminating film is suitable for short to medium term indoor or outdoor signage on flat or slightly curved surfaces with vertical exposure and application temperatures of 40° F to 176° F. Durability of the laminate (whether Monomeric or Polymeric) depends on proper drying/curing/ outgassing of the ink. Printed PVC must be allowed to dry for 24-48 hours at 70° F prior to lamination to allow residual solvent to evaporate. Failure to do so may result in delamination, tunneling and shrinkage of the PVC and or adhesive failure.

The amount of dry time required is a function of the amount of ink applied, the image printed, relative humidity, printing conditions, etc. and all prints are not the same nor dry at the same rate. There may still be solvent in the ink that has not completely dried at the time of lamination. Although all PVC outgases, in some cases this process is accelerated by the presence of excess solvent in the ink and heat from high UV exposure.

These Durability estimates apply only to the laminating film not to the printed image. They are based on accelerated aging tests and outdoor exposure, under conditions experienced in vertical exposure and in normal temperate climates. Exposure to severe humidity and ultraviolet light as in Southern States or desert regions will cause rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high altitude, horizontal and/ or south-facing exposure where durability may be divided by 2. Because of these varying climate conditions there is no standard outdoor life durability; it is only a reference for choosing the proper product.

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