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(For All Solvent & UV Inks) Peel & Stick Fabric 30 Inches x 100 Feet
PhotoTex (S) (For All Solvent & UV Inks) Peel & Stick Fabric 30 Inches x 100 Feet

(For All Solvent & UV Inks) Peel & Stick Fabric 30 Inches x 100 Feet

Price: $279.00 Subject to Availability
(For All Solvent & UV Inks) Peel & Stick Fabric 30 Inches x 100 Feet
Part #: PTS30100
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Introducing the #1 selling removable self-adhesive wallpaper fabric
Photo Tex is a peel & stick, multi-US patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. It can be installed on almost any surface and remain adhered in all-weather conditions.  Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of StikAbility . Our fabric material is Class A or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, green and phthalates free.

Photo Tex patented adhesive has True StikAbility!

Upon removal, Photo Tex insures a 99% chance that its adhesive will not leave a sticky residue. We believe we are the only fabric material that will not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle with climate or temperature changes. Photo Tex (indoors) is the only self-adhesive fabric that does not have a time limit to be removed in order to prevent damage.  (Outdoor longevity varies based on ink type and weather conditions. We suggest liquid laminating or clear coating in outdoor environments when using solvent or latex inks)

Over 200,000 rolls sold!
Photo Tex has 3-different versions (Original, Block-Out & High Tack) to meet all your applications.  Photo Tex has the ability to wrap around wall corners or poles and even be placed on ceilings.  A distinct advantage is that you can bleed to the edges and not worry about edge curling.  You can actually use paint, crayons or even magic markers without seeping through the fabric. Be sure to make custom cut-outs by (contour-cut) kiss-cutting our Photo Tex.

Worldwide installations

Macy s, Coke Cola, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Coors-Miller, McDonald s, Victoria s Secret, Verizon, and Harley Davison just to name a few. Stadiums (Olympics NFL,NHL,NASCAR,NCAA,PGA ), photography (create sports actions shots), reproduce artwork, wall murals, wallpaper borders, corporate advertising, political campaigns, POP , posters , ads, elevators door coverings, race car stickers, window signs and vehicles!

Photo Tex can be printed on:
On ALL Inkjet, Digital (DI), Lithographic and Screen printers.

There are (2) types of coating:   Photo Tex:        (aqueous/pigment, UV and latex inks)                                                   
                                                        Photo Tex (S):  (all solvent, UV & latex inks)  Photo Tex box has a (S), OS or EXS on it.

Other suggestions :

1. Do not use the Opaque versions on glass,metal and vinyl  – Please use the original versions
2. Do not cut the overlap when using UV inks and “Opaque” Photo Tex as you may see a white line from the cutting. Opaque is a block-out intended to not have to overlap mid-cut and butt the overlap.
3. Do not use rubbing Alcohol to clean walls when using Opaque as there is a chance it can react to the opaque coating (bubble) – just use warm damp rag to clear dust.
4. Use a plastic or cloth squeegee when installing the Opaque versions as hands may leave  bubbles , especially on texture surfaces.
5. Always allow 30-days on a freshly painted wall before installing (paint out-gasses).

Due to all the variables of the wall surface and recently the (NEW) paints, along with choosing the correct PHOTO TEX versions.  Our products should not be installed within a distance in which Infant/children sleep and/or occupy without continuous adult supervision. 

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