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60/40 UV One Way Vision Film 54 Inches x 164 Feet
Starline 60/40 UV One Way Vision Film 54 Inches x 164 Feet

60/40 UV One Way Vision Film 54 Inches x 164 Feet

Price: $358.50 Subject to Availability
Starline 60/40 UV One Way Vision Film 54 Inches x 164 Feet
Part #: PERF6040UV-54
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60/40 UV One Way Vision Film is a perforated, self adhesive PVC film with a double paper liner designed for displaying graphics on the outside of the window without obstructing the view from the inside. Optimized for UVC platforms, the Double Paper Liner allows the ink to sink deeper into the holes to avoid clogging, doming and blocking. Printing on ILLUSION UV will allow you to create beautiful, vivid graphics which can be applied and removed with ease. 60/40 UV One Way Vision Film is the perfect choice for applications on glass windows and doors, vehicle advertisements, billboards and POP displays. Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.
This white print-face and black back PVC film is ideal for Windows, Glass, Lexan and other clear & flat surfaces.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Removable clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Optimized for UVC printers. Pre-test recommended with Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex & Screen.
  • Product is tear resistant and offers good UV and abrasion resistance.
  • 1-2 year outdoor durability under normal conditions. With little or no glue remaining within 1year.
  • Optically clear PSA laminate can be used on face for added protection.
  • Available in 60/40 (1.5 mm hole) 54 x 164 .


  • 6 mil PVC film. (+/- 0.005mm) Weight 130g/m2 (including adhesive).
  • Double paper release liner (Recommend for UV-curable printers; Pre-test on all other platforms).
  • Final Tack 5 hours (stainless steel).
  • 180 degree pull force after 24 hour =8N.
  • Shelf Life 2 years.

Avoid rough treatment and bending material opposite to the wind direction. Allow material to adjust to room temperature before printing. As with any PVC perforated window film, extreme and rapid temperature swings can cause the liner to tunnel

Clean application surface. In most cases for small applications product can be applied dry. Otherwise a small amount of Application fluid can be used on non-laminated WindowFilm to assist with install. Starting at the top while holding the graphic away from the glass, tack the top edge so it is straight. Begin working down the graphic with a smooth squeegee, roller or like device. Areas that are prone to premature release are corners and edges where graphic meets the window frame. This is where sealant, dirt and moisture gather. Adhesion can be im-
proved by additional cleaning of the window edges, removing any dirt, dust and sealant. In some cases adding a small amount of edge tape or adhesion promoter on corner and rounding of corners will help. Always avoid touching the adhesive on the edges.

Product Specifications

Application: One Way Vision Film

Construction: Perforated PVC Film with Clear, Removable Adhesive Backing

Liner: Double paper solid/perforated liner

Thickness: 6 mils

Width: 54

Punch Pattern: 60%/40%

Hole Size: 1.5mm

Put-Up: 164

Color: White/Black

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