The Mimaki TS330 sublimation printer and XPro DS170 Calender Heat Press are designed specifically to meet your needs for producing vibrant and durable prints on various textiles. In this overview, we will introduce you to these two remarkable machines and highlight their key features, enabling you to unlock their full potential in your production process.

The Mimaki TS330 sublimation printer is an advanced solution for textile printing with its cutting-edge technology. This machine offers high-speed performance without compromising on quality, thanks to its precise inkjet system and adjustable print head height. With a large color gamut provided by the Sb610 Sublimation Ink set, it ensures consistent color reproduction across different substrates such as polyester fabrics or rigid items like mugs and promotional products. Its user-friendly interface allows easy operation while the Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) maintains optimal print conditions by automatically detecting clogged nozzles and performing recovery functions.

To complement your Mimaki TS330 printer's capabilities, the XPro DS170 Calender Heat Press is an essential tool for transferring images onto fabric or other heat-sensitive surfaces with precision and efficiency. Boasting even heat distribution through its oil-based drum heating system, this heat press guarantees accurate temperature control throughout every step of the transfer process - preventing ghosting effects or uneven colors due to overheating issues. Additionally, its ergonomic design includes safety features such as anti-crease bars which prevent fabric from folding during pressing while also ensuring operator comfort during long working hours.

By investing in both the Mimaki TS330 sublimation printer and XPro DS170 Calender Heat Press provides you with a powerful combination of tools that can elevate your productivity levels as well as deliver outstanding results tailored specifically for your clients' demands. By embracing these state-of-the-art machines into your workflow, you can confidently produce high-quality, long-lasting prints on a variety of substrates while maintaining efficiency and ease in your operations.

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