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Swivel Blades For Small Letters (3 Pieces)
Mimaki Swivel Blades For Small Letters (3 Pieces)

Swivel Blades For Small Letters (3 Pieces)

Price: $133.00 Subject to Availability
Mimaki Swivel Blades For Small Letters (3 Pieces)
Part #: SPB-0003
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Swivel Blade for small letters
PN SPB-0003
Volume 3 pcs
Supported model
 CF2-0912RC  CF2-0912RT  CF2-0912T  CF2-0912TD  CF2-0912TF  CF2-1215RC  CF2-1215RT  CF2-1215T  CF2-1215TD  CF2-1215TF  CF2-1218RT  CF2-1218T  CF2-1218TD  CF2-1218TF  CF3-1610R1  CF3-1610TF2  CF3-1631R1  CF3-1631TF2  CF22-1225RC-S  CF22-1225RT-S  CF22-1225T-S  CF22-1225TD-S  CF22-1225TF-S  CFL-605RT  CG-50  CG-60AR  CG-60EX  CG-60SR  CG-60SRIII  CG-60st  CG-75FX  CG-75FXII  CG-75FXII Plus  CG-90SD  CG-100AR  CG-100EX  CG-100Lx  CG-100SRII  CG-100SRIII  CG-130AR  CG-130FX  CG-130FXII  CG-130FXII Plus  CG-130Lx  CG-130SRIII  CG-160FX  CG-160FXII  CG-160FXII Plus  CJV30-60  CJV30-60BS  CJV30-100  CJV30-130  CJV30-130BS  CJV30-160  CJV30-160BS  CJV150-75  CJV150-107  CJV150-130  CJV150-160  CJV300-130  CJV300-130 Plus  CJV300-160  CJV300-160 Plus  CJV330-130  CJV330-160  TPC-1000  UCJV150-160  UCJV300-75  UCJV300-107  UCJV300-130  UCJV300-160  UCJV330-130  UCJV330-160
Remarks For details about blades, see "Features of cutter blade".

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