CWT Worktools 1016 Advantage Cut Work Table

CWT Worktools 1016 Advantage Cut Work Table

CWT 1016 Advantage Cut Work Table & Flat Bed Applicator

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CWT Worktools
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What's Included:

Self healing cutting mat & air compressor


Includes a 3 Year Warranty
Flatbed applicator for digital and traffic sign production

CWT flatbed applicator will improve your productivity in traffic sign manufacturing and commercial sign manufacturing. Our new generation of worktables are quick to install and easy to use.

Optimize your workflow

The CWT flatbed applicator optimize your existing workflow. We streamline and improve your finishing process for lamination and application of sheeting no matter which cut and printing technology you are using. Use CWT flatbed applicator for high precision mounting and lamination of digital or screen printed reflective sheeting, transfer tape and overlay film.

Semi-automated process

Our flatbed applicators are easy to use, no special training is required. Compared to conventional methods the CWT flatbed applicator is up to 85% faster, with perfect control and less waste due to quick and precise positioning of the materials. The controlled lamination process is semi-automated for consistent quality output. This makes our worktables ideal for the manufacturing of small standard and regulatory signs as well as large traffic signs, including large traffic guide signs.
  • Controlled lamination process
  • Millimeter precision
  • Keeping labor cost to a minimum
  • Reducing mistakes saves time and waste
  • High capacity - up to 160 m²/h (1720sq.ft./h)
  • Ergonomic and safe work position - reduce repetitive strain injuries
CWT Access Anywhere
Flatbed in Flat Pack

The modular design makes the CWT worktable easy to transport and install. The units are delivered in compact packages, up to 80% less in volume compared to our competitors'.
The low transportation cost and environmental impact taken aside, the slim package can easily be brought inside your workshop through normal sized doors.

Tested & Proved
  • In compliance with CE, UL, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Guaranteed performance with up to 5-year warranty
  • Made in Sweden with high quality components

CWT 1016 Advantage

Our smallest model but still capable of taking on big tasks! This applicator is delivered ready assembled and its up and running in minutes letting you do all kinds of professional laminating like protective film, adhesive on sheets and panels, vinyl on banners, application tape just to mention a few and it s not only an applicator, it s the perfect space when you are peeling vinyl and trimming prints.

This applicator is designed to fit most poster sizes and it s equipped with a spacious storage shelf and a toolbox for your convenience.

Our applicators have free feed through and this allows you to mount substrates twice the workspace length.


  • CWT Access anywhere
  • Tempered glass top
  • Roll holder for glide beam
  • Tool storage
  • Storage shelf
  • Free-length feeding through applicator
  • Option: Self-Healing Cutting Mat


Suitable for all types of installation work with self-adhesive materials.

Workspace - 1340x950 mm 4ft. 5in. x 3ft. 1in.
Bed size - 1640x990 mm 5ft.4in. x 3ft. 3in.
Materials - 0-70 mm/0-2,8in.
Required air - 6-8bar/87-116psi
Capacity up to - 80 m2/H 860ft2/H


The CWT 1016 Advantage is delivered pre-assembled in a wooden box.

Bed length - 1640mm | 5ft. 4in.
Bed width - 990mm | 3ft 3in.
Length of working area - 1340mm | 4ft. 5in.
Width of working area/roller - 950mm | 3ft. 1in.


The work table are easy to use so no need for special staff, most people operates the applicator within one hour with fantastic results. Our flat bed applicator gives much better control and less waste than conventional roll laminators due to the easy and precise positioning of the materials and allows a much wider range of materials to be laminated.

Take a look at our videos and get started!

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