A Klieverik machine offers reproducibility and high processing speeds. We offer first time right production, which means less waste. Our calenders use thermal oil for regulating and accurately maintaining the drum’s surface temperature. They are equipped with a unique expansion vessel, which insures that the drum is always 100% full of oil. This design, in junction with how we circulate the oil internally within the drum, means no differences over the width or in time.

Unique expansion vessel guarantees 100% filled drum

Multiple heating elements

Our machines are equipped with a long belt and with a special steering system to minimize lateral movement of the belt. This will result in no distortion of your print and a long life time of the belt. Klieverik machines are made with high quality components. It is a reliable machine with very limited down-time. Production is quaranteed.

Klieverik uses the longest belt in the industry and a specialized PID TM steering system which minimizes lateral movement of the belt preventing transfer defects. This feature also insures better longevity of the belt.

A forced circulation within the drum or by the use of an external boiler system ensures that the thermal oil is replenished at a high rate.

Our calenders are equipped with a unique expansion vessel. This guarantees the drum to be always completely filled with oil, ensuring a constant temperature distribution of the full cylinder, for the duration of the transfer printing process. An internal displacer limits the oil content enabling quick heating up. Heating can be done electrically inside the drum, or externally using a gas operated thermal oil boiler.

Our unique pressure-less heating concept makes it possible to deliver calenders which source high temperature oil from an external boiler. This option can lower your operating cost significantly and even contribute to an even better temperature consistence of +/- 1º Celsius under all circumstances. And in area’s where the availability of the electricity from the network is not always guaranteed, production may continue with the use of a small generator for the drive system only.

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