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Digital Die Cutter 4060
Eclipse Digital Die Cutter 4060

Digital Die Cutter 4060

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Eclipse Digital Die Cutter 4060
Part #: EC4060
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The Eclipse Digital Die Cutter Series is a die free flatbed cutting solution designed for the Printing, Packaging and Sign industries. It is a cost-effective solution for sample making and short-run production of adhesive sheets, business cards, specially shaped cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and more. The Eclipse Plus can oscillate, cut, kiss cut, decal cut and crease a variety of paper and card stock up to 6mm thick for sheets up to 15.5" x 26.5" - W x L.

Equipment Features

No Cutting Dies
The Eclipse Plus is integrated with a oscillating tool, cutting tool, creasing wheel tool and plotting pen for die free cutting.  Process materials up to 6mm thick.

Combination Cutting and Creasing Functions
Standard cutting & creasing features include Decal Cut, Kiss Cut, Creasing, and oscillating knife cutting of dense stock.

Automatic Positioning System
The high-definition CCD camera automatically and positions materials for precise cutting.

Automatic Feeding System
Fully automatic feeding and conveyor system for continuous cutting of materials for a more efficient workflow and production. Roll Feed Option available for Roll to Sheet processing needs.

Designed for continuous feeding of material stack up to 4.5” tall (400 pieces of 250gsm/92lb cover)

Eclipse Software standard file recognition of PLT, DXF, HP/GL is compatible with Kasemake, Artios CAD, Corel, Adobe Illustrator, Box magician, etc.

QR/Barcode Management System (option) Designed to manage reading of cutting tasks.

Eclipse Samples

Machine Size

Eclipse 4060 Sheet Size2 Knife Holder
Eclipse 4060 Sheet Size2 Knife Holder

Digital Die Cutting Solution for sheets up to

15.5”w x 26.5”  – W x L

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