CWT Worktools Apex 2517 Digital Flatbed Cutter 66” x 98” Cutting Area
CWT Worktools Apex 2517 Digital Flatbed Cutter 66” x 98” Cutting Area

CWT Worktools Apex 2517 Digital Flatbed Cutter 66” x 98” Cutting Area

Table with VAC pump, 3 position tool modules, high precision welded frame, fixed work surface, electric motor, rail cutting cushion and control system. Includes IBrightCut Software. Does not include computer. Pricing includes 3 heads. Deduct $ 4,500.00 for 2 head configuration.

CWT Worktools
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What's Included:

Warranty, Drag Knife (UCT), Creasing Wheels - set of 4, Universal Holder, Kiss Cut, VCut and Blade Kit


See description for available options


Camera Registration, Auto Knife Initialization, Oscillating Tools, Kiss Cut Tool, Drag Knife, V-Cut Ceasing Tool, Drive Rotary Tool Router


1 Year parts and labor warranty


High Speed Digital Cutting System
Affordable Cutting Solutions

For all the variable finishing needs within the sign & graphics, POP and display
markets, having a multi-functional cutting solution in-house that can cut, crease,
route, decal cut, and oscillate materials over 1.5“ thick increases productivity and

Key Points
  • 27 years of engineering from Manufacturing focused on cutters
  • Affordable package solutions
  • Aircraft aluminum table for precision and accuracy
  • Multizone intelligent vacuum system for focused material hold down – run only zones required for the job
  • Offering both static and conveyor table solutions
  • Auto sheet feed system option for increased production
  • 3 Tool Module positions for variation of tool selection
  • Optional Auto Tool Initialization
  • Products for Graphics, Packaging, Textile, Die-cutting and Gasket

Table Size
Cutting Area
Machine Size
Vacuum Zones
Apex 1713
66 inch x 51 inch
98 inch x 67 inch
Apex 2513
98 inch x 51 inch
126 inch x 83 inch
Apex 2517
98 inch x 66 inch
126 inch x 95 inch

Max Cutting Speed
1500mm/s 59 inches/s
Cutting Accuracy
Max. Cutting Thickness
50 mm 1.96 inches
Data Format
Serial Port
Vacuum System
Pump Power
5.5KW / 7.5KW / 9KW 220V 3 Phase
220V 2KW with 350 watt router

Apex Blades:
 Part #
Part Name
 Blade Thickness
 Cutting Thickness
 E1 Kiss Cut 35 Blade Diameter 3mm

 E16 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool / Drag Knife

 0.63mm 7.7mm
 E17 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool / Drag Knife

 0.63mm 12mm
 E18 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool

 0.63mm 19mm
 E18L Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool

 1mm 19mm
 E21 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool

 0.63mm 14mm
 E25 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool

 1mm 21mm
 E46 Blade for Drag Knife 1.5mm 20mm
 E64-4 Blade for Electronic Oscillating Tool 1.0mm 26mm
 E74 Blade for V-Cut 1mm 20mm
 ER1 Router 3.175mm 15mm
 Router Mat

Apex Tools:

Electronic Oscillating Tool - with 1 mm stroke for cutting soft and medium density materials.
Universal Cutting Tool - for through-cutting materials with thicknesses up to .196 inch. High speed cutting at a low cost.
Kiss Cut Tool - for cutting vinyl, foil, films, thin media, cardboard, textiles and other thin substrates.
Drive Rotary Tool - for cutting textiles. (Option)
The Router - has a rotary speed up to 60,000 rpm. Designed for solid performance in a wide range of applications and substrates. The Router can also do precision engraving like the Kiss-Cut tool.
The V-Cut Tools - is perfect for producing complex structural designs from foam core or bonded materials. The tool can be set for cutting 5 different angles. 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°.
The Creasing Tool - is used to produce creases on corrugated materials. Multiple tools allow the creation of perfect creases on a variety of materials
The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - is an air driven device with a high oscillating frequency. The stroke up to 8mm is suitable for cutting rigid and high-density materials up to 1.96" thick utilizing a specialized blade. (Option)


 Part #
 Part Name
 CWTDELLCM Dell Computer with Monitor
 CWT1.10.03.0000083  Tool Head
 CWT1.10.03.0000335  Universal Holder
 CWTAPEXDK Drage Knife (0.63mm) & Drage Knife (1.5mm)
 CWTAPEXCWSET Creasing Wheels - Set if 4 Cardboard 250-400 g/m2 without creasing matrix Cardboard 150-300 g/m2 without creasing matrix Corrugated plastic Big Creasing Wheel
 CWT1.10.03.0000295  Kiss Cut
 CWT1.10.03.0000079  VCut
 CWT1.10.03.0000307  Electronic Oscillation Tool (EOT)
 CWT1.10.03.0001297 Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT)
 CWT1.10.03.0001967 Automatic Knife Initialization (AKI)
 CWT1.10.03.0000403 Drive Rotary Tool
 CWT1.10.03.0000362 CCD Camera
 CWT1.10.03.0000012  CNC Router - 350 Watts - Includes 1 Router Mat
 CWTAPEXCONV Conveyor (Different for each model)
 CWTAPEXRH Roll Holder/Loading Device
 CWTAPEXFC Fabric Catcher
 CWTAPEXSF Sheet Feeder

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