General Formulations Concept 209 MetroMark  Matte White Opaque "Transit" Vinyl - 64 Inches x 150 Feet
General Formulations Concept 209 MetroMark Matte White Opaque 'Transit' Vinyl - 64 Inches x 150 Feet

General Formulations Concept 209 MetroMark Matte White Opaque "Transit" Vinyl - 64 Inches x 150 Feet

Concept 209 Matte White Opaque "Transit" Vinyl - 64 inch x 150 feet

General Formulations
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Concept® 209 is a 3.5 mil Matte White flexible polymeric opaque vinyl film coated with 200-4996 removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on a 90# Layflat liner with the Metromark™ logo. This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based inkjet and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems.

Concept® 209 is designed for temporary product markings, temporary point of purchase decals, temporary transportation advertising systems, and tri-vision indoor/outdoor billboard displays.

Film Thickness:   
3.5 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)

Adhesive Thickness Side One:
   .8 to 1.0 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)

Liner Thickness Side One:  
 6.7 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)

Temperature Ranges:  
 Minimum application temperature is +40°F.
Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F.

Dimensional Stability:   
MD: less than 0.50. CD: less than 0.50.

Expected Exterior Exposure:   
Removable for up to one year from most smooth original equipment finishes with little or no residue remaining on the finish.

  • Average (Oz/ Inch Width)
  • Stainless Steel 16
  • Painted Metal 16
  • Glass 10

Humidity Resistance:   

Solvent Resistance:   

Storage Stability:  
 6-months shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.

Product Codes:  
 209-54 (54” X 150’ roll)
209-54 (54” X 150’ roll, reverse wound/notched core)
209-64 (64” X 150’ roll)

Completely evaporate inkjet solvents before application. Failure to do so may facilitate solvent penetration resulting in vinyl degradation.

Substrate Recommendations - Metromark™ films are designed for use on smooth, flat substrates. The product should not be applied over rivets or corrugated surfaces. Gaps between two panels must be sealed before applying Metromark™ Vinyl. Up to three layers may be applied provided the original Metromark™ signage has been applied six months or less. If layering, must test adhesion of top decal to the printed surface. Some inks and clear overprints contain slip agents that may reduce adhesion.
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